Diagnosis and Medication of Youth

There is currently a widespread concern in our society that there is an increasing prescription of psychotropic medications to young people. There are many reasons why there is such an increase but the real question is, it is the right and safe choice to be prescribing these medications to our youth. In recent years, depression is now understood as a mental illness and are not just symptoms but sometimes biological problems. I believe people are getting prescribed these medications more now than in the past because it is easier detected and we have more understanding of dealing with it. Alongside this information, doctors are being put in a bind because there is little money for psychotherapy and easy and quicker access to medication. I believe the circumstances where it is a clear benefit to take medication is when the person cannot live normally without the drug and it is altering their life. The specific risks that are necessary to evaluate are whether this medication is good for the long term and not solely short term. If any physical symptoms begin medication should be stopped or changed immediately. Another risk is being self reliant and thinking medication is necessary and the only answer to the illness. Drugs can gain a tolerance and then more drugs will have to be taken which is not always the best thing. I believe diagnosis matters and that each person should be prescribed medication to their own lives. Each person should be monitored regularly no matter what the case may be.  Due to the genetic and biological influence, I think that some people do actually need the medication. Is is not their fault they feel the way they do. I think our culture has the go go go mentality. We are lucky enough to be able to have immediate answers at times but we must not rush our diagnosis. A child should only receive medication when all other aspects have been trialed. I don’t believe doctors or parents are doing anything wrong. These illnesses that children have to deal with are extremely hard undertakings. I think if one holds their values close and are resilient, a fix whether it's medication or other therapies can change a person's life.