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MagicLinks powers social commerce through an exclusive marketplace for video influencers and the world’s leading brands. Their technology enables creators to share the products they love with their fans and serves leading brands seeking scalable, data-backed influencer campaign solutions, with dependable ROI and 100% sales data reporting. With over 230k videos launched, they are the leaders in social sharing video.

I am responsible for delivering concepts, storyboards, user flows, and prototypes for their brand website, SaaS Brand Data Portal, mobile app, and brand collateral.  


UI/UX Designer
User Research
Visual design

Dec 2019 - Ongoing

App Tutorial Project

The app tutorial was one of the first projects I worked on with the MagicLinks team. I created multiple user flows which took the user through a step by step tutorial explaining how to add links and how to share those links. The final app tutorial can be found below. 

screens and cursors (2).png

Final App Tutorial

Data Analytics Portal Project

The data analytics portal is for signed in creators to view their marketing analytics. I performed A/B testing on this platform to make sure the front page content was optimized. 

Retailer Cards
Retailer Cards

View 1
View 1


Retailer Cards
Retailer Cards


Brand Website Project

Working very close to the Product Manager, I created all the design elements and ideas that are on the site today. Since MagicLinks has two different customers, the creator and the brands, it was critical we showed the user where to go to find the right content. We did this by adding an option to select what fits the user at the time of entrance.


Podcast Art Project


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