Red Lion Hotel Corporation


RLHC is a hotel franchise company with over 5.6M users to the site per year.   As Product Manager and UX Designer, I am responsible for creating impactful customer experiences and managing product development initiatives that drive growth. I lead a cross-functional product team of designers, engineers, and stakeholders to solve problems to improve our product and business.


In an effort to create a new version of the website I identified usability issues and determined the critical features to prioritize for the next iteration of the product.   ​This process also included user flows, low and high-fidelity wireframes, use cases /requirements, and design prototypes. 


Product Manager

Product Designer
User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing

July 2018 - Ongoing


Red Lion is a franchise company that makes money by selling their hotel technology to individual franchise owners. This includes offering the franchise owners their own CRS/ CRM/ PMS and internet web services to book. Available rooms and rates are added to OTA’s and the website,

Their customers include any travelers whether it be educators, work professionals, families, healthcare workers and more. The price point for the hotels are small to mid size economies so customers tend to be looking to save money and not be looking for luxury stays.

The process

Users were asked to think of a place they would like to go to with your family or friends in the United States. They were to enter the location, dates, number of guests and rooms, and discounts (if applicable). They were then asked to follow the booking path until the checkout page while noting their experience and answering questions along the way.

Affinity Mapping

I defined who the company targets by looking at the customers purpose of stay, demographics, behaviors, motivations, and frustrations.

User Personas



24 year old, urban, male, photographer, enjoys travelling to new places to take photos

He works remotely, so she is on the go very often. He is always looking for deals and wants to save as much money while travelling as possible. 



33 year old, surban, female, has a family of two 

Doesn’t travel often but tries to find deals for future vacations. While she plans her future vacations she is looking for details about the hotel and attractions nearby. She tends to go to her saved websites multiple times before deciding. 



65 year old, is a business traveler who travels 3 times a month. She searches Google for the closest hotel to where she will need to be. She is looking for convenience and amenities.



The problem worth solving was the booking flow because if improved, it would increase conversion and decrease bounce rate.

  • Based on the information gathered, what problems should we be solving?

    • The problem we are solving is how we can create the easiest booking flow experience to increase conversion. 

  • What further analysis do you need to or would you like to perform?

    • I would like to continue to analyze all updates that are pushed to production. 

  • What are the benefits of solving this problem? What opportunities does it create?

    • Benefits of solving this problem would be increasing customer satisfaction. The opportunities it can create are opportunities that continue to add on to hospitality sales.

By separating the booking flow into 4 parts, the booking flow would be easier to follow and decrease system error. The designs below show the high fidelity mockups I created. 

Results and Takeaways

This feature update  will reimagine the way RLH has bookings today. This update will be described to the users as a complete feature redesign and update to the booking flow. An explanation will be shown including designs, user flows, and demos for stakeholders. Once the update is tested by them the internal staff will be given the opportunity to test for a week. They will be given a FAQ list and would be able to ask any questions before dealing with guests.